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Private Homepage der Amateur Radio Station DG6JS. Die Anschrift gibt es hier ganz offiziell und agenturlich.

HAM DIY - Raspberry multi-band WSPR TX - Beacon

currently 40, 20, 17 and 15m

wspr tx with raspberry 3A+
I am currently using a similar DIY PCB on a Raspberry PI 3A + for 40 and 20-17-15m.
I have misplaced the picture of the one currently in operation,
but this shows the same in principle, only for other HF ranges.

The whole thing is operated with solar energy.
It is a 50 watt module, which I use for loading garden tools,
lawn mowers, saws and so on ...
Thanks to the past two summers, the lonely lawn is more of a desert,
so I now have enough solar energy for other things.

The self-made TX Amp. Delivers up to 0.5W HF,
but is set to 100mW, it has 2 outputs.
Output 1 is for 60m to 30m and
Output 2 is designed for 20m to 12m.
A MagnetigLoop is currently connected to the output and is tuned to 40m.

Output 2 works with a vertical quarter wave for 17m (20m).

SWR =< 1.3 on 18.100 MHz

It is simply 1.5mm² copper wire on the wooden mast, at the feed point copper
wire goes into the earth at an angle of about ~ 40° which only had to be
brought to the correct length. If I have time again I will attach
appropriate radials for 15m and 12m.

Now I'll wait and see what happens 😀️