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Private Homepage der Amateur Radio Station DG6JS. Die Anschrift gibt es hier ganz offiziell und agenturlich.

Currently March 2022

Shortened vertical for 21 MHz (or 18.1 MHz) Quickly realized with some GRP pipe and an industrial surface-mounted housing, the total length is 1.85m with the housing, which makes it easier to mantage on a mast. The coil for the electrical extension is in the middle and is protected by another piece of GRP tubing. For the first tests I initially only guyed a radial. The SWR is tuned by the length of the radial(s). I used fine-stranded 2.5mm² CU type H07 V-K as the wire, the color of the insulation has, as I feared, no effect on the function 😂️

For the lower end 1m GRP pipe with a diameter of 22mm. For the upper part, a GRP tube with a diameter of 16.1mm, these are inserted into each other, the extension coil with 50 turns is tightly packed on the upper part...


coil 50 turns on 16,1mm GFK (GRP pipe)

Lower part for attachment

In the end I had to shorten the upper part by a few cm, but this can be avoided if you let it run a little longer into the lower tube beforehand.


At the upper end, the H07V-K is guided back into the GRP tube, so the antenna can be extended by a few centimeters (cm) if necessary.

Finally, the rough comparison and test in the shacke ... that fits

Finally, the rough comparison and test in the shacke ... that fits

DG6JS       ITU: 28    -    CQ: 14

QSL via eQSL.cc

Hier mal einige Bilder (aus dem Jahr 2012) rund um meinen QTH.   Radius max. 1200m

Sieh an, da hinten, die angeblich schönste Stadt der Welt💩️
Den hat die letzte Eiszeit hier auch vergessen.
Das Loch sollte ursprünglich mal in China enden ⚠️
Die Schäfchen im Trockenen 😉️
Blick Richtung Rehrstieg.
Im Moor
Endlose Weite 😉️
Neugraben -Kuhdorf- 🐂️
Scheiss Mais